Hamstring Strain



Hamstring strains, also known as hamstring pulls, are one of the most common running injuries.They represent 37% of all muscle strains. These injuries tend to occur from stretching the hamstrings too far, or with sudden acceleration or deceleration during sports and running. The best way to help your body recover from a hamstring strain is with eccentric strength training where the muscle is being lengthened as it is under tension. This home exercise program is designed to help your hamstrings tolerate stress and load better so you can get back to what you love sooner.

Disclosure: These programs are not meant to be a diagnostic or treatment as each person and each injury is different. This plan is best used as an educational guide on typical exercises that can help a variety of conditions. Not all of these exercises are necessary for each injury, and some may actually be harmful. You should always consult your healthcare provider or physical therapist to ensure that you have the best program for you. Please do not continue these exercises if symptoms worsen, and each exercise should be moderately challenging and never unsafe or painful.


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