Knee Pain (Video)

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This is a 18-day knee strengthening exercise program written by Physical Therapist, Dr. Jason Cooper.

Includes 6 videos that take you through 24 strengthening exercises targeted to alleviate knee pain.

It is recommended to do the exercises 3 days per week, which would take you 6 weeks to complete the entire program.

Equipment recommended: Resistance Band

Disclosure: These programs are not meant to be a diagnostic or treatment as each person and each injury is different. This plan is best used as an educational guide on typical exercises that can help a variety of conditions. Not all of these exercises are necessary for each injury, and some may actually be harmful. You should always consult your healthcare provider or physical therapist to ensure that you have the best program for you. Please do not continue these exercises if symptoms worsen, and each exercise should be moderately challenging and never unsafe or painful.

1 review for Knee Pain (Video)

  1. Megan C.

    I used this program to support my training for the NYC marathon. I was very nervous to ramp up training because my knee would frequently tweak and hurt during my initial runs. I quickly noticed less or no pain once I started this program, and I was pain free for the remainder of my training. I still use some of the exercises I learned for fine tuning before going on some runs or walks. Great program and instruction!

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